Irish Setter Club of Central Connecticut

About the Breed


If you are interested in acquiring an Irish Setter and are not familiar with the breed, we strongly suggest you do some research first.  Irish Setters are not the dog for everyone.

Even if you know about Irish, there is lots of information to learn!  More facts can be obtained on the Irish Setter Club of America website.  For a listing of available litters, contact Breeder Referral or email

Another way to learn is to attend one of our events.  We welcome anyone interested in Irish Setters to join us for any meeting, show or event.  If you come to a show, please be aware that exhibitors are busy getting their dogs ready to show.  Ask if you could speak with them when they finish.  Irish Setter people are usually willing and eager to talk about our wonderful redheads!  See the Events Calendar for our schedule.  For more information about particular events, contact Joanne Fenn or email